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You have no idea...

this is the journal of *Ashley*

7 August
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Im Ashley.Im young.Im a Mommy to a beautiful baby boy named Jayden.He is my life.I live in Florida right now still with parents but soon out on my own with Jayden and his Daddy.Stas.We've been together since 4.21.01.Im have a full-time job.Im a full-time Mommy.And a full-time student in college.Im pretty easy to get along with.If I don't click with you.There's something wrong.I admit I can be a bitch sometimes.But who isn't?You are all guilty of it.I <3 livejournal.Its addicting.I love all my LJ friends.They are all so nice and supportive.Add me to your friends list if you like what you see.Most of my LJ is friends only b/c of picture stealing whores..and FAKES..Also.if you're a boob-nazi.and all you have to say to me is NEGATIVE comments.Don't even bother.B/c im not wasting my time.I bottlefeed.yes.And I don't care what YOU think!!
If you add me-tell me k? =) Take care!

I LOVE my son!

Jayden Michael
Sept. 20th '04
2:45AM 7lb5oz

Lilypie Baby Birthday

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