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You have no idea...

this is the journal of *Ashley*

1/10/05 12:16 am - Now officially ..friends only....

1/8/05 07:44 pm - I have such a boring life....

I guess I could have posted this along with my other one.. lol ohhh well!. Tomorrow is Stas' birthday the big *20* hehe I think Im gonna buy him a CD Player for his car. He had a kick ass one with the moving pictures and stuff.. but it broke =( Idk though. Yesterday we went to Toys R Us.. I bought Jayden 3 SUUUUPER cute outfits! i couldn't resist! Man. Lol im a sucker for baby stuff!. 1 of them is spitting image of a baseball uniform.. the other is a spitting image soccer one. And one is a gray nike shirt.. basketball type with orange writing n stuff.. and orange BASKETBALL SHORTS!!! OMG its too cute! i have to take pictures and show you guys =)
We watched a movie last night. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. I <3 her!.. it was a good movie.. I couldn't understand but Stas kept telling me.. It's a SMART movie. Thanks a lot babe!
hehe that's all for now.. KICK ASS schedule next week.. except for all the closing shifts!.. Sun-off Mon-10-5 Tues-off Wed 1-10 Thurs-off Fri- 4-10 Sat.-9-4 YIIIPEE!
I wanna buy a digital camera.. i think i want the kodak easy share.. anyone have that?? its 4.1 megapixels.. and only 149.99.. I went to Best Buy.. and I was reading the little booklet.. too bad the frikkin lights went out and i could see!! lol im going back tomorrow hehe
Now for a survey type deal... STOLEN from xostarxo18

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1/8/05 07:39 pm - Confused/Curious

Jayden usually goes to the "bathroom" every day.. or every other day. Well. He didnt go Wednesday..Thursday.. was going on Friday and still hadn't gone.
Thursday night he let out this AWFUL scream. and wouldn't stop. It was terrible. He cried so hard he lost his breath. I took his temp. it was 99.6.. so i gave him some baby tylenol. And FINALLY he went to sleep. He was fine through the night.. Friday morning i said alright thats it.. he hasn't pooped im callin the Ped. He had seemed like he was trying and trying sooo hard to go. but just couldnt =( . So my nurse called me back and said since Jayden was over 3 months that he could have baby apple/white grape juice and that would help him pass his bowel movements. Well i bought him some.. and he <3'd it! o man. He cried when we took it away. So the woman told me I can give it to him between feedings 1-2 ounces at a time. everyday or whenever i wanted.
I was wondering did anyone else give their babies juice that young??

On another note.. He has been SOOO fussy. Could It be that we were at Daddy's house and away from home?? I mean.. he sleeps in a bassinet at dad's and doesnt have his "usual" activities there either. Would that be why he's been soooo fussy? I really dont know! =( but its been terrible! im soo stressed ..
work school baby babys father. everything! it's driving me crazy!

I went to work today from 9-5 and when i got to Stas' to pick up Jayden he was SCREAMING!... sweaty he was screaming so long.. and Stas was just laying there.. ERG! He makes me SOOO mad sometimes!

Ok Im done.. i was just wondering about a few things =)
BTW:: Jayden did poop yesterday! =) oh.. did he ever! lol
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1/5/05 11:32 pm - Oh Baby!

Alright guys... ad jaydensmomme920 to your lists.. i haven't made any posts yet... but it's under construction =) just add it ok?? lol

I worked tonight until 10 .. with Amy R. i <3 her! This guy Pat @ work .. rubs me the wrong way.. Justin called me and i was like o i bet its Justin.. *Justin works with us* and hes like Justin better not be callin my girl at work.. blah blah.. i was like ehh ok yeah .. then Ray couldnt see to sign the return reports b.c he broke his glasses and i said i would sign them for him.. and Pat's like oh will you do that for me? w. like a puppy dog face.. i said ehhh no do it yourself! errg weirdo. hes this rich little bastard who thinks his shit dont stink! i dont like it.

Anyway! Stas called me and he said he got into a fight with the other guard at his work... this was it
::Scene:: Stas pulled up and the other guard was waiting outside and handed Stas the 2way..
Guard: It's about time buddy
Stas: What do you mean?
Guard: Its about time you got here.. 5 til 11.. is that how it's gonna be now buddy?
Stas: Well i work 11-7. I dont get paid more for being early.. only for my 8 hours.
Guard: You shouldnt even be HERE you should be at YOUR site where you BELONG
::Stas takes the 2way and walked away::
LOL my baby NEVER says that!! hahahaha .. it was an old man too! whata loser.. i swear sometimes i hate old people! hahaha
ok im off.. im gonna go wake Jayden up.. feed him.. and get to bed!
Night guys <3
oh yeah.. you rememeber when we were lil kids and we played MASH??? well... hehehe www.playmash.com <~ DO IT!

1/4/05 09:02 pm

Well.. Liz..(xostarxo18) told me she wanted pictures... sooo here are...PICTURES! +15Collapse )

1/4/05 06:07 pm - PUGGIES!!!

Look here... should I bid on this on EBAY?? I think it's the cutest.. ever.. lol but that's just me!
=)Collapse )

Also... Im getting rid of this LJ name... using other 1.. will tell more later.. Jayden's cryin!

1/4/05 04:56 pm - FINALLY A DAY OFF!!

Today was my first day off in a WEEK! phew... lol but I go back tomorrow =( This morning I went to school.. THINKING I had this HUGE medical exam...Yeah... NO lol it's next week. We still had a test.. I didn't study.. but I got an 84% on it.. a B.. Not bad =) hehe After school I came home played with Jayden .. He was bein a Mr. Fusspants again! I called Amy b/c we usually do stuff Tuesdays.. she's in <3 with HALO2.. almost as bad as the guys... geesh i swear! Shes like hey lemme play this and ill call you back.. i guess she was playing on x box live.. and she met some english dude who thinks its the coolest thing that shes a girl and shes good.. well i'd be good too if i played 24/7 too! Sooo we were on our way and I TOTALLY forgot that i had an eye appointment.. *for my contacts YET AGAIN!* i went there.. she looked at my eyes again.. and i told her that i was soo super sorry.. but it was my right eye that is messed up now not the left.. so i have to order another one=( another week of waiting blaaahh .. so anyway. we went to our work and ive been eyeing these Nike Impax's.. well theyre 100 bucks.. down to like 59 - 25% for my discount.. i think i did pretty good =) hehe i also bought some socks... After Sports Authority Amy wanted Subway soo we went there.. spicy italian subs.. MMmmMMMmm Good =) hehe Jayden started getting fussy again.. he just wont sleep sometimes! We went to Target.. i was trying to find a PUG Purse... someone told me they got theirs there.. yeah.. they lied! LOL nothing there.. I was also looking for Jayden some cradle cap stuff... that wasnt there either i looked EVERYWHERE! errg.. anyway i left there buying some baby detergent.. and a car freshener then i came home
We got some pictures developed.. 1 roll i THOUGHT was my baby shower.. it was all hurricane pictures.. and like 5 baby shower pics! there are a few cool hurricane pictures though.. maybe ill post a few..
I wish i was still breastfeeding =( It helps you lose weight a lot faster... i really wanna lose all this! .. as i eat reeses pieces ... =/ i think i might have to work @ the church tonight.. i really dont want to but
anyway.. im off for now.. i thought there was something interesting to say... i guess not.. hmm

1/2/05 07:55 am

My days have been ALL mixed up I swear! the past few days have felt like Sundays to me.. but today.. FINALLY is Sunday.. which means i work today.. work tomorrow and im off! then i work wed. and im off thurs. and fri. thank god for the payroll cut!! working 40 hrs. a week isn't cutting it.. i feel like i have no life. i feel like i never see my son..which is sad! by the way.. my son..

HE'S TRYING TO SIT UP!!!! lol in his car seat.swings.. laying down.. he lifts his feet and his whole head! then he gets mad b.c he cant make it all the way... so we work with him and help him up and he <3's it!

How was everyone's new years?? Well Mine was all-right.. I worked until 7 on New years eve.. then went to Stas' house there were a few people there.. We played a little HALO .. let off some fireworks.. and o i tell you... JAYDEN <3'D them!!!! ooo god.. it was SO funny. The guys would let off like piddly bottle rockets.. that didnt make huge loud noises..just a pop. he LAUGHED sooo hard it was the cutest thing ever. hehehe then it turned 12.. we talked for a little bit.. 12-15.. i was IN BED! lol im such a nerd. I woke up at 5:30 AM and EVERYONE was still up.. they were playing poker an halo.. so then i got back up at 8 and went to work til 6.. it was sooo busy.. rainy.. the day sucked. and im gonna do it all again today. im off here b.c Jayden is acting very whiny... and i need coffee!
Less than a month til were in the house!!!woohoo!!!

12/28/04 11:19 pm - Mainly for Nica

Hey.. this is mainly for Nica.. ( wasted__beauty ) I remembered I told you that I would post a pic. of Jayden's shirt.. and came across Stormies picture too!.. Hope you don't mind but I put theirs together I think it's cute! Don't worry Im not 1 of those psychos who steals your pictures and says they are my babies! lol just thought it was a cute idea =)

hehehe our babies are TOO cute! <3


12/27/04 07:04 pm - Last few days.. and pictures =)

Ooo Yesterday SUCKED!!! i hate customers! errg. 126315943 people returned stuff yesterday... in the morning we opened @ 8 am.. and it was sssupper dead until about 10:30... from then on.. yeah O-K! lol terrible! I was in customer service for an hour.. and that was ENOUGH! blahhh i hated it!
I got off at 4 so it wasnt all THAT bad.. but still.. retail=>:( oh yeah.. yesterday morning o man.. talk about windy!!

Okay so today i was expecting to get up.. go to the mall.. hang out. well... i got together with Amy and Jon and we went to look at furniture @ Ashleys and rooms to go.. Rooms to go sucked.. but ASHLEYS.. had cute stuff.. were looking at a black leather set.. couch,loveseat,and 3 tables = 1026.00 not too shabby! lol so after that we went to the house.. its comin up quick! then we went to the mall. Me and Amy got our pedicures done! mine are cha ching cherry with cute little swifty designs =) i <3 them. We were just walking around and i decided to check @ PENNYS to see if my trial contacts were in.. b.c they hadn't called me.. well they were.. so the girl told me out to put them in and out.. i did fine and told her they looked a little funny... she said itll be ok .. well i put them in AGAIN and realized i cant see AT ALL outta my left eye, and i remember she didnt really look so much at my left eye when i had the exam... hmm bitches! so now i gotta take em back in! =( all that time waiting and i dont even get em! booo anyway.. Heres 2 pictures of Jayden today.. TOTALLY cute!! i <<<<333333 'd his outfit! =)
CUTENESS!!Collapse )

i want a pug sooo bad!!! hehehe theyre the cutest ever! <3

All for now
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